Falconer salen kapacitet nordic film cinema næstved

falconer salen kapacitet nordic film cinema næstved

, placering i salen, børnepriser og seniorpriser samt forskellige spilletider. Nordisk, film, biografer er en del af ledsagerordningen. Det betyder, at en handicappet der har behov for en hjælper, kan få denne gratis med i biografen mod fremvisning af et gyldigt ledsagerkort. Da vores medarbejdere ikke er kvalificerede til at vurdere dit handicap, beder vi dig medbringe et gyldigt ledsagerkort. Nordisk Film Biografer Falkoner The cinema offers experiences and unique opportunity for families to be together. Nordisk, film owns the largest cinema chain in Denmark and Norway and is the leading player in this field. Every year, Nordisk, film Cinemas has between nine and ten million guests in our 47 cinemas, 23 of which are located in Denmark.


Nordic Princess Puma Swede Works Her Perfect Pussy Out! In cooperation with The Metropolitan Opera, we broadcast operas directly from New York, and the cinemas regularly hosts all kinds of special events, and Imperial in Copenhagen, the largest single auditorium in Northern Europe, is extensively used for gala premieres and award shows. The Olsen Gang Exhibition, may 07, 2019. Read more news, nordisk Film is a leading Nordic entertainment company and is part of Egmont, the largest mediagroup in Denmark with activities in 30 countries and 6,600 employees. Through our communities and, you can read about the movies, watch trailers and buy tickets and it is possible to share your film experience, review and discuss the film with other users. Digital Advertisement, nordisk Film sells and distributes digital advertisements to cinemas and Copenhagen Airport.

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